How to create a culture in your business?

I had the chance to sit through one of Sam Silversteins, Inc Presentations this week and we worked on developing core values. The presentation was part of global entrepreneurship week events put together by the WT Enterprise Center.  I would love to share some of things that I learned. Do you ever see companies such as Chick-fil-A or Happy State Bank and wonder how is it that they have such a great reputation? Well it’s not a surprise that it comes from within including the type of employees they hire. How do you get there? Develop a culture and start by creating  the core values of your organization.

  1. Set a meeting and involve all your employees. Ask them what they value in the business?
  2. Make a list.
  3. Facilitate the discussion and talk about why they believe these values are important in the success of their business.
  4. Select these values and instill them in everything you do; application, website, in every project and in the everyday work-day.
  5. Create a culture by motivating and inspiring your employees.

I will share with you some of the core values that we came up with.

We value the education that we provide for our community.
We value the humility of our co-workers.
We value the passion that we share with our clients.
We value caring as a character of our organization.
We value the direction that we provide for our clients and it should be nothing short of excellence.

These need some work and not everyone in our organization was able to attend the training but it’s definitely a starting point.