From Employee to Employer

A worker in meat plant gets flat on their way to work and with that amounts the fourth warning. Not long after arriving they are called into the managers office and after hearing reasoning they are asked to leave. Considering it a sign the meat plant worker decides it’s time to start their own business.

Many are the similar stories of entrepreneurs that venture on to business ownership after layoffs or boredom of their currents jobs. Consider these tips just to make sure you are really up for the journey.

  1. Do you seek to become rich? Unfortunately, starting a business means working for less money than a current job at least for the first couple of years.
  2. Do you seek to work less? Most entrepreneurs begin working more than they did before.
  3. Doing something you love vs doing something you know. Evaluate if you are going to enjoy doing it everyday or if you are eventually going to consider it “just a job”.
  4. Are you willing to do tedious research? Planning is such an important part to avoid failures but most start-ups try to take shortcuts or avoid it.

If you are passionate enough and don’t mind the beginning hurdles, let us share your dream. SBDC can help you make that employee to employer transition!