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Venture Robotics

Client: Ginger Schantz

Business Opened:  October 2021

City: Midland, TX

County: Midland

Website: Robotics | Venture Robotics | Midland

Ginger Schantz is the owner of Venture Robotics. Her team introduces individuals to the exciting world of stem education through play and experimentation. She founded the company in October 2021. Venture Robotics doesn’t sell robots. They sell knowledge, experience, and the opportunity to grow confidence when working with technology. Venture Robotics offers robotics and coding educational consulting and robotics education through school contracts, camps, homeschool sessions, Afternoon Innovators, and more. They also offer Venture 3D Printing services and offer 3D Print training. Their trained staff can print scaled-down versions of a client’s service equipment or concept designs.


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